#1 Rated Hair Styler

Curly Airstyler™ Complete

"#1 Rated Hair Tool Of 2021"

The Curly Airstyler™ Complete is a complete set that is designed to mimic a salon like experience from the comfort of your own home. Create your simplistic beach waves or go all out and give yourself those voluminous curls we all know and love. Made easy with the Curly Airstyler™ Complete

What People Are Saying


Definitely a game changer. I have an insane amount of hair stylers and I can now throw them all away. The volumizing brush is my favorite

Victoria Farrell

I was skeptical at first but honestly it works great and I have really curly hair and it takes about 4 times to go over with a regular straightener but with this it only takes like 2/3times after I get out the shower when my hair is wet. And I don’t really feel the heat or get hot doing my hair. I love it and regret nothing.

 Yasmeen Mustafa

There is a learning curve but its not too bad. I have thick fine hair which is wavy. The airstyler provides volume and shine. I struggle with frizz but this is not new for me. Styling from with damp hair takes me 15-25 minutes.

Jenny Kirklin

I shouldn’t have waited to get this - definitely performs better than anything I’ve ever used before. These are the best tools I’ve ever used on my thick hair.

Cristina C

I went from about 8 tools down to one. I don't even need the hairdryer anymore or curling iron or flat iron. All I use is the Airstyler. It takes a while to get the hang of it, you feel a little clumsy at first, but once you figure it out, it's really great. I have fine hair and it gives me a lot more body, and I feel my hair is shinier with this too. And it's handy to get a squirt bottle and "re-do" an area or freshen up.


You Asked. We Answered.

When designing the Curly Airstyler™ Complete we wanted to ensure it would be available for everyone. Regardless of your hair type or style you will be able to fully experience all the amazing benefits it has to offer.

Yes, you should absolutely use heat protectant when styling with the Curly Airstyler™ Complete as it will ensure your hair is kept safe of heat damage that may be caused otherwise.

In the event one or more of your attachments do not function please see our warranty page on how to get your free replacements.

We are currently experience slight delays in shipping and you can expect your order to arrive within a maximum of 25 days. If you still have not received your order feel free to reach out to our customer support so we can help locate your order.

We offer free shipping on all orders and cover all import & customs fees to ensure you are not charged anything outside the price you pay.

You may be thinking what's the catch? How are they able to make it so affordable compared to competitors? During the design process of the Curly Airstyler™ Complete our mission was to make it accessible to anyone and everyone. We have completed eliminated various expenses as we are strictly available online we are able to transfer all our savings to our customers without sacrificing quality.

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